MC The NerdCubed Fanservers currently host a BungeeCord 1.7.4 Server, which means we run 5 individual servers with their own plugins! You do not need to connect any differently or do anything different but you will notice that there are more ranks and more progression in all aspects of the server! There are too many plugins to list here however, here are some of the better ones;

  • LWC
  • McMMO
  • PVPManager
  • PreciousStones
  • PlotMe
  • CoreProtect
  • Multiverse
  • Economy


We currently host 4 Different Playable servers and 1 Hub Server. These playable servers are Creative, Survival, Donators and Events. Each server has its own dedicated Teamspeak channel and specific area on our forums!


Survival has two modes, softcore and hardcore; softcore has protection whereas hardcore does not and is much harder to survive in!


Creative has 3 Different Plot worlds with plot sizes ranging from 64x64 to 256x256. We also have a flatworld and themed worlds!


The donator world is a PVEsoftcore world, or creative survival, it means that players cannot kill you and it encourages players to work together to create towns!


The events world is for server events, this could be a race around the old server, a build contest or a splegg battle!